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EBG HongKong Ltd is Ebuygold Ltd's parent company.

Ebuygold Ltd is a market leader in e-currency exchange services and has served more than 200,000 clients worldwide over 14 years. Backed by rich experience, we know what our customers need: speediness, reliability and lowest fees.

In 2012 August, Ebuygold Ltd's parent company Shinning capital limited was granted the first licence to operate a money service in Hongkong.

In 2009, Ebuygold Ltd became the unique authorized wholesaler of Liberty reserve, and our business turned over a new page.

In 2003, Ebuygold Ltd began operating e-currency and currency exchange business.

Anytime, at anywhere, we are always here to offer you the fastest,most reliable and lowest fee e-currency exchange service.

Any opportunity of cooperation between us, please do contact with us.

Company Reg. #: 1478738

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